How long will my workers’ compensation case take?

As workers’ compensation attorneys, we always want people to realize that our jobs are to make sure we answer your questions before they’re asked so that you have the full knowledge of the situation, the possible outcomes, and whatever options that might be out there.

And if there was a question that was most often asked, it would be “How long do workers compensation cases take?”

Know that it is an incredibly difficult question to answer without knowing the full scope of your situation. And if you’re calling our office within a few days of your injury, you don’t know the full extent. Will there be lingering effects? Will there be prolonged treatment? Did your accident affect you permanently?

When we have a full scope of your injuries or illness, then we can begin to resolve your claim. We can gather the appropriate records and submit the claims to seek compensation.

And how long does that take? It depends on a lot of factors, one big one being the insurance company. If they are willing to give you what we deem the proper amount of compensation, the process can go quicker than some. But if they aren’t we’ll need to proceed to court. This could take some time, despite our continued efforts to quicken the process.

Know this: as soon as we have a full understanding of how long your case will take, we will tell you. Also, know that our team at Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley acts efficiently. We know how precious your time is and the last thing we want to do is waste it.

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