Can I Reopen My Personal Injury Case?

A common question that we receive from accident victims is whether or not they can reopen their case once it has already been closed.

Before we answer that, though, we must first explain what a closed personal injury case is. If you accept a settlement from the insurance company, this means that your case is closed. The insurance company has no responsibility to pay any more money related to your injury.

So can you reopen it?

Let’s say that an individual is involved in a car accident and has to receive medical treatment. During their treatment, they receive a settlement offer from the insurance company and accept it. They then have to receive more medical care, and even surgery in the worst case scenario and none of it is covered as a result of the accident. Since the reason they require continual medical care is due to the accident, they ask to reopen the case.

Unfortunately, once you sign a settlement agreement, the case is closed and can no longer be reopened. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible when it comes to your medical bills as a result of an accident. If you were not properly advised or handled the matter on your own, you might have taken a lower settlement offer than was necessary to help you recover to your fullest.

This is why when you are injured, it is extremely important to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you receive a proper settlement amount for your case to include all current and future damages. Settling with your insurance agency may seem like the quickest, most pain-free route, but it isn’t necessarily the one that will best support you and your family after your accident.

You will not be able to reopen a case once it is settled, so make sure you hire an attorney who you trust. Call our experienced personal injury attorneys today if you are a victim of an injury to receive the help you need.

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