Workers’ Compensation Explained

The In’s and Out’s of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Enacted in 1911, workers’ compensation was designed to remedy employees that are involved in on-the-job accidents or illnesses. Workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

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What exactly is workers’ compensation?

Workers comp is a type of insurance that provides benefits for workers until they are ready to return back to the workplace. These benefits are covered by the employer’s insurance carrier. Employers pay monthly premiums to keep these benefits available to their staff in the time of need. There is a commission that is specifically assigned to these matters called the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commision. This board is the determining factor if the insurer will be liable for temporary weekly benefits and medical care.

If an injury occurs from a job-related matter, a claim has to be submitted to receive benefits. When a claim is submitted, it is assumed that no party is at fault. The claim results are the determining factor if benefits are paid. If the injury is a work-related injury, then the claim is paid. An employee that is injured on the job is not able to sue the employer in a workers’ comp case. One great aspect of a workers’ compensation case is that the amount the employee receives is not determined by how the accident occurred. A claim may be denied if it is determined that the injury was caused by drug or alcohol use.

If you ever become injured from a job-related injury. The first step is to get medical treatment.  When you are able, you should file a Form C-3, which is the Employee’s Claim for Compensation, documenting how the injury occurred. The C-3 form helps the documentation without input from your employer. Submitting your claim as soon as possible is necessary.

It is best to contact an experienced lawyer regarding a workers’ compensation claim. This way you will receive honest, straightforward counsel giving you the options available. Consulting a lawyer experienced in workers’ comp and job-related injuries is a smart decision. An attorney knowledgeable in these types of matters will help you determine the best course of action for you to take. Contact the experts at FGPG Law today for workers comp in McHenry County and Boone County, Illinois.

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