Take a Leap Forward Without Hesitation! Beat Bankruptcy Today

No one wants to ultimately file for bankruptcy assistance. But things arise in one’s financial career that can drive to that event. Generally, there is a reluctance to dive in and do what seems most financially sound. Many delay filing in the hopes that somehow someway their opportunity will come knocking or their commitments will quietly fade.

By waiting on a filing decision, thousands of dollars may be squandered by way of bank account seizures and garnishments.

Bank Seizures

In some cases, your bank account could be frozen. With these situations, any non-exempt assets may be directed to be handed over to the creditor. By enabling a turnover ruling to be registered, there’s no chance to end that distinct order by filing for bankruptcy.

Additionally, many don’t understand that they hold a personal property exclusion they can exercise over the seized funds. In Illinois, there’s a $4,000 wildcard exemption that can be implemented with every type of personal property.

Finances on hand at a bank are the kind of property that’s protected using the exemption.

Wage Garnishments

We’ve spoken with clients who end up being garnished for months prior to coming to us for a deliberation. Common garnishment measures of wages for Illinois state amounts to 15 percent of the total income. This number can be compelling if a person is only living from paycheck to paycheck prior to the activation of the garnishment.

Rather than exploring immediate action or immediate advice, individuals proceed to let the creditor garnish wages. This behavior is followed up with extreme hardship as there are no meaningful funds available to pay other extraneous obligations like food, rent gas or necessities.

Mental Stress

Further in line with the financial loss that comes with delaying to file, there’s the mental fear and anguish that we associate to debt.

It’s difficult to perform your best if you’re under serious pressure from the collection efforts of creditors. It can also impact your relationships with those in your circle as well. Such circumstances can cause you to ornery and short-tempered with your loved ones.

Your coworkers, children and other close family members might not be getting your best attitude. You might not get adequate levels of rest, causing you to be lethargic during the day. Such are the non-financial impacts of waiting to file.


Considering the preceding points, it’s unfailingly wise to consider legal advice when you notice issues arising. If you’re experiencing garnishments or if your bank has frozen your account, then you undoubtedly have a dilemma.Taking direct action without hesitating can save yourself money, time and stress while advancing your release.To discover how you can get aid, refer to the various articles concerning bankruptcy on our blog. After considering your options, you may very well choose to delay no more.

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