Does Public Transportation Reduce Accidents?

People use public transportation for different reasons. Some do it out of necessity, while others appreciate the lower environmental impact of these modes of transportation. Whatever the reason, it’s important to consider your safety and security while riding buses, trains, and trolleys.

As with any vehicle, it’s possible to get into an accident while on public transportation. If this happens to you, you should know what to do and how to handle the situation. In addition, your injuries will be covered by a personal injury settlement in many cases.

Frequency of Public Transportation Accidents

Overall, riders on public transportation are statistically safer than those who drive and ride in cars. For example, while the fatality rate of car accidents is 251 out of every 100,000 accidents, the rate for public transportation is only 45 of every 100,000 accidents.

Though this does not mean that you won’t get into an accident on public transportation, it does mean that there is less chance that you will die from injuries sustained in an accident on public transportation. This implies that the injuries are less severe, less frequent, and more manageable.

Why Public Transportation Is Safer

There are many reasons riding a bus or train is more secure than riding in a car. First, these vehicles are much larger than the average car, meaning that it is more difficult to miss them when a driver is checking their mirrors or blind spots. The sizes of these vehicles also help ensure that minimal damage is done if they are hit. For this reason, the riders inside are less likely to sustain injuries.

Public transportation drivers must undergo rigorous training and special licensing to do their jobs. Because they are professionals, they are less likely to get into accidents than the average driver. In addition, because these drivers are at work, they are less likely to indulge in distractions than other drivers. Without a radio, cell phone, food, or other interruptions, they can easily focus on the road and drive defensively.

Does Public Transportation Reduce Accidents?

Serious Consequences

While public transportation accidents are rarer than two- or three-car collisions, it’s important to know that the consequences can be much more severe. This is especially true if you are a driver who collides with a bus. The sheer size of buses can cause severe injuries for individuals in cars or on the street. While bus riders are likely to be okay, others may suffer from serious injuries.

It’s also important to note that it may be challenging to get a settlement if you’re involved in a public transportation accident. Though the company will certainly have insurance coverage, filing your claim may be more difficult simply due to the nature of the accident. In addition, the company likely has to deal with several different claims resulting from one accident so that the process may be tedious and frustrating.

What to Do After a Public Transportation Accident

If you’re in a bus or train accident as a rider, you must follow critical steps to preserve your case and ensure that you get the financial support that you deserve. After an accident:

  • Check yourself for injuries. If you’re severely injured, stay where you are.
  • Call the authorities.
  • Take photos of your injuries, those around you, and damage to the vehicles.
  • Take a photo of your ticket to prove that you were on board.
  • Collect the contact information of witnesses and fellow victims.
  • Call your attorney.

Though all situations are different, following these steps helps increase your chance of receiving a proper settlement and financial support.

This financial support will be critical to your recovery and your family’s ongoing financial health. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford the medical bills that come with a public transportation accident injury. A personal injury settlement can help you pay for medical bills and any lost income or property damage that occurred in the crash.

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If you contact us right away after your Illinois public transportation accident, we can begin to build an airtight case for you. The sooner you call us, the more we can help.

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