Personal Injury Law With Marengo Based Firm

Steve Greeley is a partner with Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley. He has been with FGPG, 19333 E. Grant Highway, Marengo, for seven years and has been a lawyer for nine years. He recently chatted about personal injury law.

Personal Injury Law Q&A

Question: Why focus on personal injury?
Answer: Insurance companies thrive on low or no awards for injured parties. I want to help them take on the big companies at their own game and obtain fair awards for my clients.

Question: What qualifies as a personal injury case? How do I know whether or not I have a case?
Answer: Personal injuries are physical and/or emotional trauma to you caused by another. If at any time a person believes this to be true, they should contact an attorney right away. Car accidents are the most common but injuries can come about in many different ways.

Question: How much can be awarded in a personal injury case? How do you determine how much to ask for?
Answer: In Illinois, there is no cap on personal injury damages. You can be awarded your total medical bills, lost income, property damage and money for pain and suffering type damages. An attorney can review your case and determine these amounts.

Question: Is it more likely a personal injury case will be settled in court or out-of-court? How long will it take to settle?
Answer: It seems like insurance companies are fighting cases in court often these days and it could take several years to resolve a very serious injury case. They could settle right away, too.

Question: Is there any risk involved for the person filing the personal injury case?
Answer: Injury attorneys only recover out of any award or settlement so there is no risk.

Question: Anything else you would like to add?
Answer: It is very important to seek an attorney right away who can help things move along in the best way to maximize recovery on a case.

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