No Insurance? Consider a ‘Provide Care Now, Pay Later’ Arrangement

Contact providers to see if they will agree to be paid out of the resolution of the case when there is no other insurance money immediately available.

No Insurance? Consider a ‘Provide Care Now, Pay Later’ Arrangement.

no insurance personal injury lien

If you’re one of nearly 3 million Americans who experiences a non-fatal on-the-job injury each year in the United States, you may be entitled to workers compensation to help cover expenses related to your care. This coverage is provided by an employer’s insurance company. However, if you sustain a personal injury not related to work-related duties, you may not have immediate access to the funds necessary to cover your health-related expenses. Especially if you are among the 40 million or so uninsured Americans. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out of luck, though.

How a ‘Doctors on Lien’ Arrangement Works

A doctors on lien arrangement is a “provide care now, pay later” setup. Immediate care is provided with the stipulation that you won’t be billed until your case is resolved. A doctor or other healthcare provider agrees to provide the medical care you need. This “care” could involve surgery, diagnostic tests, physical therapy, or even crutches or other assistance devices you may need as you heal and recover.

However, you won’t be immediately billed. Instead, the money owed related to your care will be taken out of your settlement or court award. The rest of the compensation is yours, minus any legal fees. A healthcare lien arrangement can also be made with specialists, therapists, or any other type of healthcare provider.

What to Know Before You Consider This Arrangement

As mentioned above, you will still have to pay for your health-related care when your case is resolved. For this reason, you may want to be sure you have a solid enough case before exploring your options with healthcare liens. An attorney can provide an initial consultation. This will give you a better idea about how strong your case is based on the known facts.

It’s also not advisable to seek an arrangement of this nature if you have existing health insurance. Doing so may violate terms of your policy. But if you have little or no insurance, lien contracts may provide the following benefits:

  • Immediate access to urgent care
  • A reduced risk of developing chronic pain from a lack of immediate treatment
  • An ability to recover faster

Lastly, medical providers are under no legal obligation to agree to hold off on receiving payment. However, a lawyer may be able to direct you towards reputable providers willing to agree to be paid later when your case is resolved.

What a Lawyer Can Do to Help You Get Care Now

If a provider does agree to receive payment from the resolution of your personal injury case and provide immediate care, a lawyer can prepare the contract necessary for this type of agreement in a way that clearly spells out the terms. While you could still pursue a personal injury claim, you may not have insurance coverage. If a lack of insurance coverage is an issue for you, an attorney can help you explore your available options with healthcare lien arrangements.

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