Legal Advice from Herb Franks, Lawyer in Marengo, IL – Interview with Northwest Herald

Herb Franks opened his law office in Marengo 50 years ago he now heads FGPG Law – Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley, a firm of 9 lawyers, plus a staff of 13.

Northwest Herald News caught up with Herb who shows no signs of slowing down as he shared some thoughts on his long career.

Q: When did you start practicing law?

A: I started in Rockford in 1961 with a firm that brought me in as a partner, which was unusual for a young lawyer. In 1972 I started a solo practice near Marengo. We occupied our first office in January 1975 and won the first million-dollar injury case in McHenry County. At that point I decided I was a lawyer, the next year I had a million dollar case in Rockford.

Q: Why did you decide to become a lawyer?

A: I went to high school in Marengo where David Boies was my social studies teacher. His son is a very famous lawyer. I asked him if he thought I could be a lawyer. He told me this unforgettable phrase: “You are not too smart but if you work hard I think you will make it”

Q. What type of law do you practice?

A. I’m basically an injury lawyer. I do a lot of worker’s compensation for injured people. I was chairman of Worker’s Compensation Council for the Illinois State Bar Association as well as President of the Illinois State Bar Association.

Q. Are you glad you went into law?

A. The fact is I work with people. It’s been a joy for me. I enjoy every day of it. To help people when they are hurt and down is more rewarding than anything I can think of.

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