How to Deal With Medical Providers Who File Liens Instead of Submitting Bills to Insurance

Many Illinois hospitals are adamant on filing a lien instead of submitting medical bills to the patient’s health insurance provider when that patient has experienced a car accident injury. Many Illinois hospitals are resolute on filing a lien instead of submitting medical bills to the patient’s health insurance provider when that patient has experienced a car accident injury.

Surgery bills with health insurance claim calculator and pen - Medical Provider filing a lien instead of submitting bills to insurance

The reasons have to do with saving money.

When the bills are submitted to the patient’s health insurance provider, they’ll be forced to accept the insurance providers negotiated and reduced prices. They would have to receive the same amount of payment they’d accept if the patient had not been through a car accident injury in Chicago.

These clinics are essentially “voiding” a patient’s health insurance protection and are choosing to place a hospital lien on the accident claim for the patient. The reason is that the Illinois Hospital Lien Act lets medical providers place a lien on outstanding medical payments.

The lien serves as a legal requirement for the patient or the car insurance provider to cover the full amount of the lien while the auto claim is being settled. The hospital waits for payments until after the is case resolved, but the hospital has the chance to receive a lot more money than if the claim would have been submitted to the patient’s health insurance provider in Illinois.

This system can negatively impact the patient and cause problems.

The patient earns less money when his/her case is resolved through the car insurance provider when they need to repay large hospital liens.

Lawyers in Kansas City proceeded with St. Luke’s Hospital to help more than 900 victims of car accidents whose bills weren’t presented to their health insurance providers. The hospital eventually settled with the victims and conceded to end the practice of forestalling the health insurance coverage of a patient to place liens on the patients’ after a prolonged litigation process. Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley hopes the case is going to prompt more hospitals in the Chicago Area to operate in that way.

Submit Your Bills for Medical Payment

You’re going to want to submit your car accident medical bills from your case to your health insurance provider for quick payment. The bills will be paid right away with discounts and you’ll have the chance to claim the full amount charged by the medical providers on your personal injuries.

Find out more about the car insurance claims process with leading Chicago personal injury attorneys at Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley. When you’ve suffered an injury from another’s negligence, kindly call us at Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley at (815) 923-2107.

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