Handling a Personal Injury Case Remotely During COVID-19

Uncertainty remains when it comes to COVID-19. However, this doesn’t mean you still can’t receive the attention you need and deserve if you’ve sustained a personal injury. Yes, you can still schedule in-person meetings with a lawyer as long as you follow recommended COVID-19 safety steps. However, if you prefer remote assistance, there are ways cases and related processes can be handled this way for your added peace of mind.

medical law - Handling a Personal Injury Case Remotely

Virtual Attorney Meetings

There are many ways to remotely contact a personal injury attorney after you’ve sustained an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence. You can do this with video features on your phone or any other video program or site you may wish to use that allows for a secure connection. This will give you a chance to discuss the specifics of your situation to determine what steps to take next and what legal options are available to you.

E-Signatures for Documents

Even before COVID-19 became a concern, e-signatures were becoming increasingly common and legally acceptable. This remote technology can come in handy if you’ll need to sign statements or other documents related to your case. While you can always have a lawyer send you physical documents in the mail, e-signatures are quick and convenient. Also, by electronically signing case-related documents, there will be fewer delays as your case moves forward.

Remote Medical Visits

If your injuries are serious, you’ll likely need to be evaluated and treated in person, especially if immediate medical attention is needed. However, there are remote options that can be used for follow-up visits and other medical issues related to your injuries and case. Additionally, it’s often possible to handle the following medical processes typically associated with injury cases remotely:

  • Electronic exchange of medical bills
  • E-exchange of photos showing your injuries
  • Electronic versions of statements from your doctor(s) and/or other medical professionals who treated you

Remote Court Hearings

While there are some exceptions based on the circumstances involved, many courts are allowing legal proceedings to take place with secure remote technology. This can be an effective and safe way to get real-time assistance from your attorney during initial or follow-up hearings. Your lawyer should be able to help with the electronic submission of documents related to your case during remote hearings. An attorney can also make arrangements for remote testimony that may involve:

  • Witnesses to your injury/accident
  • Medical experts to clarify or discuss the extent of your injuries
  • Other relevant experts you or your lawyer wish to include

Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

One thing you shouldn’t do if you’ve experienced a personal injury is put off contacting a lawyer because of COVID-19 concerns. There are deadlines that typically apply to cases of this nature. Plus, putting off contacting a personal injury attorney could make it difficult to receive proper and fair compensation for your injuries. Rest assured even with pandemic-related concerns still high, an experienced lawyer can provide the assistance you need.

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