Get Medical Care of Pending Case with Temporary Disability Benefits

Getting Proper Medical Care While Your Case Is Pending with Temporary Disability Benefits

It can take time to recover enough from strains, sprains, tears, lingering pain or soreness, severe cuts or lacerations, and other common workplace injuries to be able to safely return to work. If you know it’s going to take some time to properly recover from your work-related injuries, you may be able to receive temporary total disability (TTD) benefits. Let’s explore this topic further by focusing on how a competent and experienced lawyer can help you get the proper medical treatment as your case is pending with access to temporary benefits.

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Letting You Know If You Qualify for Temporary Total Disability Benefits

One of the goals a lawyer can help you achieve while your case is still pending is to receive proper medical care with total disability benefits. In order to qualify for TTD benefits, you’ll need to:

  • Be eligible for workers’ comp benefits
  • File a valid claim
  • Seek initial medical care as per state guidelines

If your treating physician believes you should not go back to work right away because of the extent of your injury or illness, an attorney can take the steps necessary to apply for TTD benefits on your behalf. This type of assistance can be especially beneficial if your case is fairly complex or not likely to be quickly settled.

Determining When You Can Get Benefits and How Much You’ll Receive

There is a waiting period before you can receive temporary total disability benefits to help cover your medical expenses. However, this period is usually just 3-7 days, which can be considerably less time than it typically takes to investigate and settle or litigate a workers’ comp claim. If you are unable to work for a longer period of time, benefits may be provided from the time you initially became disabled or injured.

TTD benefits are normally two-thirds your standard weekly wages. These benefits are usually not considered taxable, and they may continue until:

  • Your treating doctor gives approval to return to work
  • You’ve improved as much as possible (maximum medical improvement)
  • You’ve reached the TTD benefits limit

Total temporary disability benefits are sometimes extended for certain types of injuries or illnesses. A lawyer can also discuss your permanent disability options if you’ve reached the maximum medical improvement limit.

If you are able to return to work on a limited basis as you recover, you may still be able to receive temporary disability benefits. The amount would be two-thirds of your lost income – the difference between what you would normally earn and what you earn from limited hours or days.

What Else Can a Competent and Experienced Lawyer Do for You?

By turning to a competent and experienced workers’ comp attorney, you can receive an honest assessment of your situation and a thorough explanation of your available options. If you do qualify for temporary total disability benefits, a lawyer can take the steps necessary to apply for these benefits so you can focus on your recovery. A workers’ comp lawyer can also field inquiries from your employer’s insurance carrier to further ease your stress as you recover.

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