Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley, P.C. in Marengo, IL want you to know what things to do when you have been in an accident

When injured in an accident, keep all of the paperwork and information you receive for your attorney.

When injured in an accident, you will be getting calls and letters from each parties’ insurance companies and medical providers and all of these documents are necessary for the attorney to review to be able to resolve the case. Every bill or Explanation of Benefits form you receive from your car insurance or your health insurance company will be utilized in the recovery of money for those bills from the at-fault-driver. You may only get phone calls from the insurance company for the at-fault-driver and this information will be necessary for the attorney to make the claim for the injury against the at-fault-driver’s insurance policy. Also make sure to keep your own insurance policy paperwork to determine what coverage is available and what procedures have to be followed to be successful on those claims. Franks Gerkin & McKenna can assist with the process and recover money for your case. Call today.

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