Following doctors and therapists orders are vital to maximize recovery

The Importance of Following Doctor/Therapist Orders to Maximize Your Recovery

When a personal injury or workplace injury that’s serious enough to file a workers compensation claim occurs, the most important step is to seek medical attention and do your best to recover. It’s just as critical that you follow orders or recommendations provided by your doctor or any therapists or other healthcare professionals who may be assisting you. Of course, the main reason for this advice is to get you back to your pre-injury quality of life as soon as possible. But there are other equally compelling reasons to heed doctors’ orders

Following doctors and therapists orders are vital to maximize recovery

Insurance Companies Expect an Honest Recovery Effort

Any insurance companies covering your medical expenses in some may will expect you to make a reasonable effort to recover from your injuries. If you filed a successful workers’ comp claim, for example, the paying insurance provider may look for evidence that you are going to your regular physical therapy appointments or following your doctor’s recommendations with restrictions, such as not lifting heavy objects or participating in strenuous activities. Attorneys for responsible parties in a personal injury case may also check to see if you are sticking to medical/therapy orders, especially if there are plans to appeal any damages that may have been awarded.

Workers Compensation Has Limitations

Workers’ comp also only covers part of your lost wages. Because of the limitations with workers’ comp, it can be helpful to fully commit yourself to your recovery by:

  • Not pushing yourself beyond what your doctor or therapist recommends
  • Properly using any assistance devices you may be given to use – e.g., walkers, soft braces, lumbar support belts, etc.
  • Reporting any new or worsening pain

You May Increase Your Eligibility for Additional Benefits

If it’s clear you are following your doctor’s orders and fully participating in your therapy sessions, you may have an easier time seeking additional benefits. For instance, if doctors and therapists contributing to your recovery are willing to state that you have been putting forth an honest effort to get better and improve, you may be more likely to obtain long-term disability coverage. Statements from medical professionals about your cooperation with recovery may also be used to convince your employer to make appropriate adjustments with your work-related duties if you are given the green light to return to work under certain conditions. Lastly, keep in mind that following orders given by doctors and therapists also means:

  • Less risk of re-injury
  • Improved odds of being able to safely return to work
  • Being able to enjoy the things that matter most in your life

How a Crystal Lake, IL, Attorney Can Help

When a personal or work-related injury occurs, a lawyer can explain your legal options so you can make well-informed decisions. While it is important to commit to your recovery from any injuries you may sustain, you also don’t want to miss important filing deadlines in Illinois or make missteps with documentation that could result in a denied claim or unforeseen legal obstacles. Fortunately, an experienced personal injury attorney at Franks Gerkin Ponitz Greeley can take care of the legal aspects of your case as you focus on your recovery.

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