Bankruptcy Protection. Stop Hesitating. Tackle Today to Protect Tomorrow.

No one envisions filing for Bankruptcy protection. Yet unforeseen life events can create financial difficulty and result in collection activity from creditors and the potential for insolvency. Many people feel a reluctance to move forward with making a decision about Bankruptcy. Some delay filing with the hopes that somehow, someway, their luck will change or their financial commitments will quietly fade.

bankruptcy protection

By waiting to make a decision about Bankruptcy, thousands of dollars may be lost by way of bank account seizures and garnishments.

Bank Seizures

If debts to creditors go unpaid, your creditors may have the right to freeze your bank account and demand turnover of the funds. In many cases, once the funds have been turned over, it is nearly impossible to get them back.  This loss can be devastating for someone who is already struggling to make ends meet.

Additionally, many don’t understand that they have rights under state law to exclude certain assets from creditor collection.  Illinois law specifically allows an individual to claim $4,000 of their personal property exempt under what is commonly referred to as the “wildcard exemption.”  By asserting this exemption, important assets can be declared safe from creditor seizure.

Wage Garnishments

Many of our clients do not seek legal advice until after they have had their wages garnished for months.  Creditors can typically garnish 15% of person’s income.  The involuntary loss of wages can make it impossible to meet other necessary obligations and can result in even more serious financial trouble, such as repossession of a vehicle or foreclosure.  It is important to address the garnishment immediately to prevent irreparable financial harm.

Mental Stress

There’s also the mental fear and anguish that tend to accompany debt and financial problems.

Stress can have seriously adverse effects on a person’s life.  It’s difficult to perform your best if you’re under pressure from collection efforts of creditors. Sleepless nights may lead to mistakes, lethargy, and trouble at work.  Financial stress can also seriously and negatively impact your personal relationships.


Don’t wait. Seek legal advice when you notice issues arising. If you’re experiencing garnishments or if a creditor has frozen your bank account, take action immediately. By taking control of your financial issues, you are likely to save yourself valuable time and money and reduce the stress of ongoing financial difficulty.

To discover how you can get aid, refer to the various articles concerning bankruptcy on our blog. After considering your options, you may very well choose to delay no more.

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